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Enhancement shaman guide  Empty Enhancement shaman guide

Post by baz on Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:31 am

this guide will be based off the 6.1 enhancement shaman ill cover all the basics and a little extra

first off lets start with the stat priority
haste (50%) > mastery > multistrike > versa > crit > haste (after 50%) for single target dps
mastery > haste > multistrike > crit > versa for AoE (or fire nova spam Razz)

next will be talent choices
tier 1 Nature's guardian unless you need a cooldown you know youll use at a certain spot then astral shift
tier 2 depends on situation ask RL what you need
tier 3 call of the elements or the relocation one if you move a lot
tier 4 echo of the elements for both AoE and ST
tier 5 ancestral guidance ALWAYS
tier 6 unleashed fury for single target primal elementalist for AoE/short duration fights like butcher
tier 7 storm elemental is a small ST dps boost and liquid magma is better for AoE

glyphs are important also
glyph of feral spirit
glyph of frost shock
glyph of flame shock
for single target
glyph of flame shock
glyph of lava spread
glyph of fire nova
for AoE dps

now by the time you read all this I bet your wondering what rotation we follow (I think it of more of a priority)
1. flame shock (first apply)
2. lava lash
3. stormstrike (with 2/4 set)
4. lightning bolt (5 stacks)
5. flame shock (if under 10 seconds on debuff)
6. stormstrike (2 set)
7. frost shock
8. lightning bolt (over 1 stack and everything on cd)

that will be what you follow for single target steady rotation AoE looks like this
1. flame shock
2. lava lash
4. flame shock reapply
5. lava lash spread the flame shock

pretty easy honestly

our opener however is quite different now this is the important part
1. prepot of course
2. use fire elemental (unless you run storm elemental then use storm elemental)
3. searing totem (if you use storm elemental)
4. flame shock
5. feral spirits
6. ascendance
7. windstrike (stormstrike only buffed by 15%)
8. lava lash

the opener is a strong one but also a easy one I can usually pop all of that and get my opener going first 2-3 seconds of the fight due to haste almost removing the Global Cooldown for me if you start out with a weak opener... get ready to suck the opener dps is the most important as it determines your dps the rest of your fight you fuck up on 1 thing you fuck it up for the whole fight (practice opener in say heroic dungeons or something like that)

if you have any questions post it on this guide and ill respond so everyone can see it


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