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Loot Selection Algorithm Empty Loot Selection Algorithm

Post by icebergslim on Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:52 pm

Let's cut out all the drama associated with most guilds: a bullshit, favoritism, emotionally driven on-the-fly loot decision.  I.e., our MT/OT trinket from Blast Furnace.  I plan to post this in our Raiders section once we vet this.  Then I will let them do a final review.

I want to propose this rigid algorithm for loot section that removes the loot council for the most part.  Loot council only steps in for tiebreakers.

Loot Selection Algorithm

Default: System Controls
1. 4-set > 2-set > BiS > Main Spec > Minor Upgrade
   && Officers = Core Raiders > Raiders
2. 4-set > 2-set > BiS > Main Spec > Minor Upgrade
   && Trial Raiders
3. Alt/Off-spec
   && Officers = Core Raiders > Raiders > Trial Raiders
Exceptions: Bloodbane, (Unholy DK) has priority over trials for blood offspec to further progress mythic raiding.

Tiebreaker: Loot Council
4. Biggest Upgrade
5. Highest EP (not PR; assuming EP reflects attendance)
6. Raiders roll (if no consensus Loot Council decision)

Tiebreaker: Other Armor
4. PR (EPGP)


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